How to create table cells of multiple rows in LaTeX

You may have encountered the problem where you wanted to merge multiple cells in a table column. Especially in the table headers (the leftmost column), this is not unthinkable. In this post, a simple way to realize this is described. We will be using the multirow package to do this.

What you’ll be creating



In the preamble, make sure the following to packages are called:


The booktabs package is needed to typeset good looking tables. I’ve written a post on the booktabs package earlier. The multirow package is needed to create cells spanning multiple rows in your LaTeX tables.


I’ve created a simple 3-column table to illustrate the method by using the multirow command that comes with the multirow package:

	First 	& Second 		& Third \\
	1 	& 			& \multirow{2}{80pt}{AB} \\
	2 	& 			& 	\\
	3 	& \multirow{-3}{*}{123} & C     \\

The multirow command is defined as follows:

  • nrows: number of rows to be spanned.
  • width: width of the content.
  • content: the text that will be printed
  • Note that this number may be positive or negative, as illustrated in the example. In the second column, -3 was used in the last rows. This means that the third row and the 2 previous rows are merged. In the rightmost column, nrows was set to 2 on row 1. This merges the first and second row.
    The width may be set to either a length measure or an asterix (*). The latter needs to be used to set the contents’ natural width.

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