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Highlighting in TikZ plots

Elaborating plotted data and drawing conclusions from them in a (scientific) report can be cumbersome and often takes way too many words than necessary. Following the old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words‘, this post describes how to highlight certain areas in a TikZ plot. You’ll be able to adjust the color of the highlighted area, its layer

Faster LaTeX part 1

Faster LaTeX part II: External TikZ library

Previously, I wrote a post on how to make the LaTeX compilation process faster by compiling only parts of large documents. This time a tip is given for those who use TikZ figures and experience slow compilation of their documents. This is especially the case when converting figures from MATLAB to TikZ using the matlab2tikz routine (due to the large

Beautiful MATLAB figures in LaTeX

Beautiful MATLAB figures in LaTeX

Probably the most important part of a (scientific) document are the figures. The main reason is that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. On this blog, quite a few post have been dedicated to figures (or floats in general) in LaTeX. Especially the post on how to use Inkscape to create figures with LaTeX fonts. I work a lot