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A previous post on this blog explained how to make sure footnotes are placed underneath floats (which is not a standard in LaTeX). This post is written for another trick with footnotes: resetting the footnote counter for every new page. The way this will be done is by making use of the pfnote package, although numerous alternatives exist.

The pfnote package

Call the package in your preamble with the following line:


That’s all!


Take a look at the pfnote documentation, or actually the yafoot documentation as pfnote is part of this bundle. This document uses the package, which is noticeable by the footnotes at every page.

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  1. Clemens says:

    There are at least two alternative ways (not saying they’re better or worse):
    \usepackage[perpage]{footmisc} or
    \usepackage{perpage} \MakePerPage{footnote}

    Best Regards

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