Update: New way of answering questions

This blog is getting more and more popular and therefore more and more comments are being posted. In order to help everyone as quick as possible, with answers that are easy to understand, I’ll use writeLaTeX.com to answer questions. Since this way of answering question is a probably new to you, this post will help you with the basics.

Quite a few online LaTeX editors exist. My personal favorite is writeLaTeX.com. Feel free to visit the website and read everything about it. Also, since it’s free I highly recommend signing up.

My answer

If you comment on a post with a question about a bug in your LaTeX code or something similar, I’ll try to fix your code and illustrate the outcome by sharing a link to a writeLaTeX online document.

So, let’s assume someone asks how to write ‘Hello world!’ in LaTeX (Note: this might not be a very realistic question ;-) ). To answer this question as clear as possible, I’ll illustrate it right away in a working LaTeX document. This document is made online with writeLaTeX and the link is shared with the person that asks the question, and with everyone else that is interested. Here’s what I’ll reply:

View my answer on writeLaTeX.com

Restoring the original answer

Everyone is able to edit shared documents on writeLaTeX.com. This is in most cases very advantageous, but it also means that everyone is able to edit my original answer. Fortunately, writeLaTeX.com has version control implemented and I’ll always save my original answer such that anyone is able to restore the document. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Go to ‘history’ in the menu bar of the writeLaTeX.com interface.
  2. Find the original version, which is in this case saved as ‘ORIGINAL by howtoTeX.com’, and click on ‘restore’.

The image below illustrates these steps.



Please let me know if this new system of answering questions is working for you. I think my answers will be more clear if I use writeLaTeX.com as described in this post, but if you disagree please say so. For any writeLaTeX related questions or feedback, you can also contact its founders directly via https://www.writelatex.com/contact.

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