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Template: bilingual document

Recently I received an email with the question for a bilingual document. I never had to write a bilingual document before, and the challenge was there. What I create is a two column document in which two languages can be used: one in the left column and one in the right column. I tried to keep things as simple and


Template: title page for a book

I created a clean looking title page that can be used for a book (with multiple authors). I won’t be writing a lot on this template, as I’ve added comments to the TeX code of the template. If something is unclear, feel free to ask!


Two column journal article template

Today’s LaTeX template has a two column layout, which makes it suitable for a (scientific) journal article. The section headings are changed, as well as the font of the document. Furthermore a header is added to the pages. I tried to create a clean looking article. Judge yourselves if I succeeded in doing that. The description in this post will

Designer's CV Preview

Creating a designer’s CV in LaTeX

I got some requests of people that wanted to see a LaTeX template for a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, even after I wrote a guide to building a plain and simple LaTeX CV. Therefore I’ve decided to write another guide. This post will teach you how to get creative with LaTeX and build a designer’s CV (that’s what I

Article in MS Word style

Template: Article in MS Word style

For a school research project I followed, a small paper needed to be written afterwards. It was required to do this in MS Word, as a template was made that needed to be used. However, as I’m working with LaTeX for quite a while now, I didn’t want to use MS Word. The only option for me was to recreate

LaTeX newsletter template

Creating a LaTeX newsletter template

This week a short guide on how to build a newsletter template in LaTeX. After the post on how to build a CV with LaTeX, your readers gave me positive feedback so I decided to write some kind of guide for this weeks template too. In short, I will explain the newsletter LaTeX template I created. The newsletter is pretty

Plain CV in LaTeX

A guide to building a plain and simple LaTeX CV

I got some requests of people that wanted to see a LaTeX template for a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume. Quite a lot of such templates can be found on the internet. However, the readers of this blog are probably interested in LaTeX as I am, so I decided to make some kind of ‘step-by-step’ guide. This post will enable

Template added: Titlepage 2

Another template has been added to the website! I decided to post another titlepage for LaTeX. The title itself is encapsulated by a grey box, which gives the page a stylish look in my opinion. No rocket science was needed to make this one, but I never saw it before so it’s worth posting it ;-) And titlepages are important