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Float control part 3: Floats underneath footnotes

Last week I wrote a new post on float control and today a new problem occurred while I was typesetting a report: A table was placed underneath the footnotes, which is wrong and ugly! Fortunately, the way to fix this is very easy. That’s why this post will be very short :-) We’re going to use a package called footmisc.

Customize the date format in your LaTeX documents

Today I’m writing about a package that will allow you to change the format in which the date is printed in the title of your LaTeX documents. I’m talking about the datetime package. This package also allows you to add the current time to your documents, for those who are interested in that. Personally, I find the ability to change

Automatic, clever references with cleveref

I recently came into contact with a LaTeX package that saves me quite a bit of time: the cleveref package. This package is very easy to use, so I will start explaining things right away! But first, note that the hyperref package provides something similar with the autoref command, but in my eyes the cleveref package is more sophisticated. Setup

Use fourier as a nice font alternative

I personally really like the default LaTeX font. However, sometimes I’m in a mood to change the font of my document, just slightly. Most common fonts aren’t really my cup of tea, but lately the Fourier package caught my attention. Actually, this package makes use of the utopia font. Implementation There isn’t much to explain on this topic, other than

Marking things to do with todonotes

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot on how to write reports more efficiently. The mistake that I make with each paragraph is that it takes 80% of my time to finish the last 20% of it, while it only takes 20% of my time to write down the first 80% of the content! That’s pretty frustrating, but I stumbled upon

Beautiful fractions and units with the unit package

When dealing with mathematics, especially with fractions, you might not be satisfied with the way \frac (and \dfrac) look. Me neither! Especially in inline fractions. Similar, when dealing with physical units, you might want them to be displayed nicer and with less effort. Here’s how to do those two things with the units package. Note that the nicefrac package does

Horizontal rule under section titles

In textbooks, sections are often emphasized in by an horizontal rule below the the section title. Here’s how to do that in LaTeX, using the sectsty package. When using this package, new command become available and one of them is \sectionfont. The name of this command is somewhat misleading, since it’s not just the font that can be changed with

Improve your tables with booktabs

Besides the overall beauty of LaTeX, I was never really satisfied with the table environment. The vertical rules are quite useless in most cases and not exactly eye candy. There is a must have package called booktabs, which helps you improve the quality of your LaTeX tables. It gets rid of the vertical rules, as well as the double rules.