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How to add Bibliography (and more) to Table of Contents

I often wonder why the bibliography of LaTeX documents is not shown in the Table of Contents by defaults. Happily enough, I wasn’t the only one wondering this. That is why the tocbibind package was created. This package allows one to add the bibliography to the ToC. But wait, there more! standard featured image

Reset footnotes counter every page

A previous post on this blog explained how to make sure footnotes are placed underneath floats (which is not a standard in LaTeX). This post is written for another trick with footnotes: resetting the footnote counter for every new page. The way this will be done is by making use of the pfnote package, although numerous alternatives exist.

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Manage your labels with the showkeys package

Here’s another LaTeX trick that might come in handy. With the showkeys package, the labels you’ve defined are printed in the margins of the document. This way you have a perfect overview of which label is defined where and how they are called. The package affects the following commands: label, ref, pageref, cite and bibitem.


Create a simple nomenclature with the longtable package

There are plenty of LaTeX packages that enable users to create a nomenclature (also called glossary or list of symbols); some make use of makeindex or xindy, others use bibtex. I think a nomenclature adds a great amount of value to theses or other large documents, but setting up a system to maintain one is a bit of a pain


9 essential LaTeX packages everyone should use

Originally, I started this blog to help the very beginners of LaTeX. I have to admit that the horizon got a little wider since the day was launched and that is (in my eyes) not a bad thing. Challenges will only keep you motivated! However, today a post that is very useful for starters. In this post, I sum


The nag package warns you for incorrect LaTeX usage

Although (La)TeX is already more than 30 years old, it is still optimized and updated. LaTeX commands, classes and packages may therefore become obsolete or outdated. It’s no fun to keep track of all changes in LaTeX and check what package are still good to use, so the nag package does that for you. For example, the \bf, \it, etc.

Compact LaTeX lists with paralist

Compact lists with paralist

The space occupied by list environments in LaTeX (itemize, enumerate, etc.) is sometimes a bit too much. For example, when you need to save space in your document or simply because you don’t like the looks of the standard list environments. In this post, the paralist package will be used to create compact lists. This will be done by elimination

Beautiful MATLAB figures in LaTeX

Beautiful MATLAB figures in LaTeX

Probably the most important part of a (scientific) document are the figures. The main reason is that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. On this blog, quite a few post have been dedicated to figures (or floats in general) in LaTeX. Especially the post on how to use Inkscape to create figures with LaTeX fonts. I work a lot